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Consultancy Solutions

UTS Consultancy Services

Our experienced consultants have delivered industry-leading methodologies, best practices and robust software solutions that reflect our industry insights and in-depth knowledge of our core competencies.

UTS provides advice, support and assurance to help our customers to realise the maximum value from their assets. Our experts have been working for many years in some of the most technically-challenging areas of the world..

We work closely with our customer to identify, define and understand key issues, and offer recommendations, strategies and solutions which are specific to each customer’s needs and issues.

Our services include:

  • Field Development Strategies
  • Facilities Engineering and Flow Assurance
  • Safety Engineering
  • Telecommunication and Control Systems
  • Safety and Environmental Studies
  • Special Development Projects (Technology Applications)
  • Project Economic Analysis
  • Risk Analysis: Technical and Commercial

We are, and will continue to be, first in determining your needs and being the best steward of your resources.

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