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In-house Training

Bring the Training to your Doorstep

UTS in-house training courses

Universal Training & Services delivers quality courses which can be held at your organisation's site or elsewhere in the worldwide. We offer both accredited and standard training courses.

We can bring our training courses to you and run them for a fixed all-inclusive fee no matter where you are. In-house training gives us the opportunity to tailor the course and concentrate on the specific issues facing your team.

What is in-house training?

Our in-house training service enables us to provide the training that you need at a location and time of your choice. We will work closely with you to understand the training needs of your company so that we can then deliver the expert training to meet these needs.

If you would like more information about how in-house training can benefit your organisation simply email us and a member of our customer services team will contact you to discuss your training needs.

What are the benefits of in-house training?

Save your company money - in-house training can save your company money when compared with sending your staff to public courses. With our in-house training service you pay for the length of the course regardless of how many staff members are attending. This means that more members of your staff can receive the training they need but at a much lower cost to your company.

Further cost savings can be made because there is no travel and hotel costs for your staff.

No wasted time out of the office -we bring the course to you at a time and place suitable for you. There is no need for your staff to travel anywhere meaning they can have the maximum amount of time in the office whilst receiving the training they need.

Customise a course to meet the needs of your company - all our courses can be fully customised to meet the requirements of your business. We will work closely with you to produce a course agenda that will meet your training needs. Case studies and examples will be used that are of most relevance to your tailored course and geographical region.

Discuss confidential issues in private - you and your staff will have the freedom to discuss any issues in private throughout the course without anyone outside your company hearing.

Create new ideas and solutions with team brainstorming - you and your staff will have the opportunity to brainstorm and discuss solutions to your company issues throughout the course. You will be helped by the expert guidance of our highly experienced course lecturer.

If you would like to discuss how we could develop tailored in-house courses to meet your specific requirements, contact us at:

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